The Broncos Need A Fast Start To Be Successful

August 14, 2022

The Broncos may struggle to get into a grove offensively during the first few weeks of the season. However, they cannot afford to lose games they are favored to win early on in the season. With high hopes comes high expectations.

The Broncos’ outlook for 2022 is much different than the years prior. Despite playing in the torturous AFC West, Denver has their quarterback now in Russell Wilson. The team and its fans feel like the roster is ready to compete with the best. The division foes on the upcoming schedule make for a tough schedule, even for a team playing a fourth-place schedule. If the team hopes to have a successful season, they’ll need to start the season with a bang.

First Half Of The Broncos’ Schedule Feature Must Win Games

The first eight games of Denver’s season are not easy, but there are some games they should win if they expect to be a playoff team. Two specifically that should be circled as taking care of business are home games against the Texans (9/18) and Jets (10/23). While the Jets have upgraded at many positions this past offseason, they are still extremely young in key places including the most important spot; second-year QB Zach Wilson is just 23 years old. The Texans may have a fighting chance in Week Two if the Broncos aren’t clicking by that point with second-year QB Davis Mills under center for Houston.

As stated before, the Texans will have a chance if the Broncos’ offense isn’t on the same page by that point. That goes for other teams playing the Broncos early as well. The Broncos are favored or even (according to sportsbooks) until Week Six against the LA Chargers. That means that they should have a great chance of winning those first five games. For any football team, 5-0 is a great start. While it is obviously not likely they will start off 5-0 it is important to stay above .500 past Week Two heading into the back half of the schedule.

Tough Stretch To End Of Season After Bye Week Awaits Broncos

After the Broncos’ Week Nine bye, things will be extremely uphill. Seven of the nine remaining games will be against teams that were all over .500 last year. Those teams all still have lofty expectations for this upcoming season as well. There are four games that personally I think will make or break the Broncos’ season. Those all are home games against the Raiders (11/20), Chiefs (12/11), Cardinals (12/18), and the final game of the season against the Chargers (1/8). Clearly, it would be nice to steal some away games in the process as well but against winning teams, those wins are tough to come by.

Final Thoughts On The Upcoming Broncos Season Of Games

If the Broncos take care of business early on in the season, it will set them up to have a good shot at making the playoffs. That said, with a new head coach and offensive system it could take some time to put that together between the lines. Recently, Tom Brady struggled during the regular season when he joined his new team in Tampa Bay but came together to win the Super Bowl that year. In 2012, the Peyton Manning-led Broncos were 2-3 to begin the season until they turned it around and ended up being 13-3. It is very unlikely this team turns it around the way Manning did that year.

With the schedule the Broncos have this year it is critical they get off to a hot start. There is no question that the AFC West is the most intimidating division in the NFL. Not to mention the AFC as a whole has talented young offenses across the board. If the Broncos can hold their own at home and get on a solid roll early on; they will be right in the mix for making the playoffs in what looks promising to be one of the most exciting NFL seasons we have ever seen.